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Nick Di Gregorio

“There is an excitement in Nick that is infectious. He speaks quickly as if he is bubbling over with things to say. His demeanor is joyous and likable even when singing songs about bad breakups, maintaining a steady and unrelenting smile. His playing is carefree, but still complex in structure. He has a knack for quick accurate finger picking and he changes tempo and dynamics frequently, keeping the listeners ears engaged and active. His vocals are even toned and rely on rhyme and transition from small spoken-word-esque segments to loud and catchy choruses.”

– Beatnik Events.

Nick began his formal guitar training at the age of just ten years old in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. His hard work and passion later earned him a scholarship at The Victorian College of The Arts Secondary School, where he attended high school alongside some of the top young musicians in the country. In 2010, Di Gregorio relocated to Perth to study Jazz at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Since graduating in 2012, Nick has been touring the world with Norwegian Cruise line, Carnival and Holland America as both a lead guitar player and as an acoustic soloist. He has relocated to London and released his first EP in May 2016.


EP Loverbirds Out Now!

Six stories that have grown through travel and finally have a place to settle. This EP is one stop on a long journey.

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